Feel calm, confident, supported and inspired in work AND life

Creative Journaling for Helping Professionals

8-week online retreat to learn creative approaches that promote mental health, wellbeing and healing in you AND your clients

Social workers, counsellors, mental health workers, psychologists, nurses, art therapist, allied health professionals and therapists of all kinds

I see you throwing your heart and soul into your clients and your career. And yes, there are days when the work is deeply rewarding and inspiring— but there’s no denying it can be exhausting, demanding and emotionally draining, too.

When it comes to your work, there’s no doing things by halves.

So, what do you do when things get tough?

🟡 When the cases pile up?

🟠 When the workload feels unmanageable?

🟢 When your clients’ struggles and traumas start to creep into your out of hours and weigh on your heart?

🔵 When you’re overworked, overwhelmed and over it?

🟣 Every day you help clients navigate the complex journey of their own mental health, wellbeing and healing.

🔴 Every day you take care of others.

But who’s taking care of you?

What’s inside...

  • Weekly Online Sessions

    8 x 1-hour group workshops where I’ll teach and guide you through creative journaling exercises to use at home and with your clients.

  • Weekly Challenges

    Weekly challenges to help you extend the exercises and deepen your creative practice.

  • Facebook Group

    Private Facebook group where you can get hands-on help from me in between our sessions and where you can access a thriving community of creative health workers.

  • Worksheets

    Free journaling worksheets to assist you on your creative journey. They’re yours to keep forever!

  • Professional Development

    Creative Journaling for Helping Professionals can be claimed as a tax deduction and also earns you points towards your continuing professional development.

  • Lifetime access

    Lifetime access to the recordings of our sessions and any resources shared so you can come back to the lessons — and back to calm and creativity — whenever you need.

Let me hold space for you

Our next round starts online 10 am May 20th 2021 and there’s a spot inside just for you

Creative Journaling for Helping Professionals can be claimed as a tax deduction and also earns you points towards your continuing professional development.

Payment Options Single Payment

$497 upfront

PAYMENT PLAN $65 p/week for 8 weeks

Hi, I’m Sally

Mental Health Social Worker  |  Counsellor  |  Art Therapist

I believe in the importance of play and creativity to support our healing process. 

I believe in the power of art to help us express the inexpressible.

I believe it’s vital that health professionals and women focus on caring for themselves and not just others.

I’ve worked in the mental health sector for over 15 years with complex children, young people and adults to support them on their journey to live safe and healthy lives.

Now, through art therapy I create a safe space for people in helping roles to find meaning and healing— and transform their lives. It’s my mission to be the kind, safe, supportive guidance they need to feel centred, resilient, fulfilled and at peace.

Welcome to the gentle space you’ve been looking for, I’m so glad you’re here.

Taking time for yourself is essential if you want to survive and thrive in your career

YOU are your greatest asset. Your emotional resilience, motivation and inspiration all directly impact your ability to help your clients AND find joy and fulfilment in what you do.

And your capacity to hold space for others requires that you do the same for yourself.

But there’s something else I want you to know...

Even if it isn’t in the service of others you are still worthy of self-care. And you deserve to feel what it’s like to have joy, calm and creativity in your life.

Is it time to invest in you?


  • How much time do I need to complete the retreat?

    Starting 10 am, Thursday 20th May. If you set aside an hour each week to attend the workshops you will learn strategies to feel calm, energised and connected to your creativity AND have valuable techniques to use with clients. If you want to join in the weekly challenges, connect with others in the Facebook group or take what you learn and deepen your creative practice on your own you’ll need a little more time to do that— but how much is completely up to you.

  • What if I can’t make the weekly workshop?

    No stress, you’ll get access to the recording afterwards so you can watch it back whenever suits you. AND you’ll have lifetime access to the recording so you can go back to it whenever you want to revisit the learnings. The session will be held 10am each Thursday starting 20th May.

  • Do I need to be an artist or have any special skills to join this retreat?

    Absolutely not. Creative Journaling for Helping Professionals is for everyone. You don’t need to be ‘good’ at art — or even think of yourself as a creative person — to have fun, explore your experiences and express yourself through this retreat.

  • Is this an art class?

    Creative Journaling for Helping Professionals will teach you creative skills to tap into yourself and tools you can then use with your clients. It WON’T teach you specific art techniques and practices.

  • Does Creative Journaling for Helping Professionals count towards my continuing professional development?

    It sure does, because you can use the strategies you learn to help your own clients! AND you can even claim the retreat as a tax deduction. Win-win.

  • What art supplies and tools do I need to participate in the class?

    You’ll need something to make your art on. Like a journal or paper. And you’ll need something to make your art with for example watercolours, pastels, paint brushes, pencils, textas or collage materials. You can build your own kit or add a Journal Art Supplies Kit for $97 when you book your spot and I’ll take care of it all for you and have everything delivered straight to your door before we kick off our first workshop.

  • Can I use the worksheets with my clients?

    Yes! The free journaling worksheets delivered in the course are for you to use yourself and with your clients. However, they shouldn’t be distributed to colleagues or others in your network or repurposed and sold.